• 14:14 | 13/11/2019
Some results on new statistical randomness tests based on length of runs

Some results on new statistical randomness tests based on length of runs

Abstract— Random Sequences and random numbers play a very important role in cryptography. In symmetric cryptography primitives, a secret key is the most important component to ensure their security. While cryptographic protocols or digital signature schemes are also strongly dependent on random values. In addition, one of the criteria for evaluating security for cryptographic primitives such as block cipher, hash function... is to evaluate the output randomness. Therefore, the assessment of randomness according to statistical tests is really important for measuring the security of cryptographic algorithms. In this paper, we present some research results on randomness tests based on the length of runs proposed by A. Doğanaksoy et al in 2015. First, we show that some probability values for tests based on lengths 1 and 2 are inaccurate and suggest editing. Secondly, we have given and demonstrated for the general case the runs of any length k. Finally, we built a randomness testing tool and applied evaluations to true random sources.


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